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Temporary ShortTerm Coverage ... NOT for those with pre-existing medical conditions!

Temporary Plans do NOT:
- Cover pre-existing medical conditions
- Cover most preventive care ( wellness check-ups...when you're not sick)
- Cover maternity claims (having a baby)
- Avoid the ACA (Obamacare) Tax Penalty
......The penalty MAY be waived ...based on directives from Pres Trump (dated 1/20/17).

Please see more info about these subjects (below).

Your best choice for Temporary ShortTerm coverage in Texas:  Click HERE for Quick Quotes ...and Enrollment    

Sort by:  COST see the best prices 1st

Plans start as low as $1.07 per day.

Coverage can be instantly issued at above link.
Effective dates available:   
- As soon as "midnight tonight"
- Or, choose an effective date up-to 45 days in advance

There's a 72-hour waiting period for illnesses when coverage is purchased within 3 days of your effective date!

Anything that's pre-existing ON your effective date is NOT covered!

Think this through carefully!!!!!!!
If this is more info than you want to think about:
- Ask someone to review it with you!
....Best friend

Remember that this is temporary coverage.
It's only for those who are in good health....
...and don't have pre-existing medical conditions.

More info about pre-x below.
Be sure to review that info!!!


Insurance Company:  HCC Life
Now affiliated with:  TokioMarine
HCC Life is rated A+ (Superior) by AmBest (the leading financial rating service for insurance companies)

A+ (Superior) is the highest-rating given!
This is a strong insurance company...
...that's offering you the best prices on the market today!

I've used HCC Life for decades...for Travel Insurance... & they are a wonderful company!
They now offer Temporary ShortTerm policies, too.

You can use ANY doctor or hospital for coverage!
You can use their PPO network (for negotiated medical prices before meeting your deductible):

First Health PPO Network Link HERE

The policies give you $2 million in coverage per family member...per benefit period.
There are up-to 3 deductibles to meet per family (per benefit period).


You have the following choices:

- Up-to 6 months of coverage (cheapest)
- Up-to 11 months of coverage...for approx 35% higher rates

- 80/20 CoInsurance after deductible...of the next $5000 
...........Max out-of-pocket = Deductible + $1000 CoInsurance
- 50/50 CoInsurance after Deductible...of the next $5000
...........Max out-of-pocket = Deductible + $2500 CoInsurance
.................Then 100% coverage to $2 million (per person)

- Prepayment of premiums for the entire term-of-coverage
........approx 30% cheaper than paying monthly payments
- Monthly payments via Credit Card

$100/monthly premium = $70/month if you choose to pre-pay


It's comprehensive major-medical coverage.

But, the policy itself does not cover outpatient Rx's.

For outpatient Rx's:
You get a discount card....with immediate benefits....and NO deductible to meet.

Just run-a-quote   HERE     

Sort by:  COST see the best prices.....with all plans compared side-by-side

There will be links near the BOTTOM of your screen to:
- Review Coverage Benefits


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are not covered!

Temporary ShortTerm policies do not cover:
- Pre-existing medical conditions!!!
- Most wellness benefits (check-ups)
- Childbirth deliveries nor pre-natal care (maternity benefits)
They cover future (unknown) illnesses or injuries...
...things that might happen during your term of coverage
....including major things that could wipe us out !!!

Do not buy temporary coverage if you have pre-existing conditions that need to be covered by your insurance policy!

If you have a pre-existing lump on your neck, do not buy this coverage!
If you had a condition that was never diagnosed, do not buy this covg!
If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, do not buy this covg!

Those who need coverage for pre-existing medical conditions should buy an ACA policy


See more info (below) about Open Enrollment for ACA policies!


Temporary policies require underwriting for approval-of-coverage.

IF you can answer "no" to a few health questions, coverage is instantly approved online.

You can easily START an application quickly SEE the health questions.

You must be truthful when you answer the health questions!

Your claims could be denied if you provided false info on an insurance application!!!

And, your claims will be denied if your medical records indicate that your treatment is related to a pre-existing medical condition!!!

Again, this coverage is for those who are in very good health!

And, Temporary policies will NEVER cover things that EXIST ON your Policy Effective Date!

If you have something minor like allergies, it's not covered.
Some people don't mind...
...and want the cheapest-priced coverage!

But for most people with pre-ex medical conditions, this is not what you should buy!!!
....EVEN if the pre-x condition has not yet been diagnosed!!!
......A small lump on your neck IS pre-existing!
.......High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack!
.........Something is wrong (existing) if you have high blood pressure.
...........And, it's probably affecting your heart!

Those who have high blood pressure that's controlled with meds are not exempt.
The blood pressure problem exists!

High cholesterol can also be affecting your heart!

Be safe....if this applies to you....and buy an ACA policy  



You ARE subject to the ACA Tax Penalty!

Temporary policies are free-market policies!
....(They existed before Obamacare.)
They are still legal to buy.

But, they are not ACA-approved coverage (Obamacare approved).

They are cheap because the prices are still driven by the free market...
...not by the federal government.

- They don't cover pre-existing medical conditions
- They don't cover most wellness benefits (check-ups)
- They don't cover maternity benefits (having a baby)
- There are underwriting questions (to qualify for coverage)
- They'll end

Try to choose a start & end-date that will coincide with Obamacare Open Enrollment periods... that you can buy an ACA policy to cover pre-existing conditions...if needed.

You can only buy an ACA-Obamacare policy during Open Enrollment.

2017 Deadlines:
Nov 1st - Dec 15th ....for coverage to be effective Jan 1st, 2017
Dec 16 -  Jan 15th ....for coverage to be effective Feb 1st
Jan 16 -  Jan 31st .....for coverage to be effective Mar 1st

You have a life-changing event that would qualify you for a Special Enrollment Date exception (during the year).


You'll be subject to the Federal Tax Penalty if you don't own ACA-approved (Obamacare) coverage!

The 2016 Tax Penalty is the greater of:

- 2.5% of 2016 income...with a few adjustments to AGI (Adjusted Gross Income).....See MAGI (below)

- $695 for each adult + $695 for 2 children (in your tax household) = $2085 max (flat rate per family)

The percentage penalty will remain the same for 2017.
The flat-rate penalty for 2017 has not been announced yet (as of Nov 2016).

MAGI = Modified Adjusted Gross Income
              Adjusted Gross Income ......with a few modifications.
              These modifications do not even apply for the average person.

AGI = Adjusted Gross Income
           This is simply line 37 on your 1040 Federal Income Tax Return 
           ......................line 21 on your 1040A Tax Return
           ....................or line 4 on your 1040 EZ Tax Return

The penalty can be complicated for some.
Just use this Federal Tax Penalty calculator     HERE


For the MOST protection:

Buy a 2-month (prepaid) policy from another company in late December***


Buy an 11-month HCC policy in late January 

For the most protection, buy the 11-month policy from HCC (in late January) to be effective on Feb 1st.
You can't buy a 12-month policy!...
....that would cover you TO Jan 1st, 2018.

Buy a 2-month (prepaid) policy (by Dec 27th) for Jan-Feb 2017...
....then buy the HCC 11-month policy (Jan 24th-27th) for Feb-December coverage.

The Feds won't let you buy an 11-month policy after March!

Brand NEW Law!.......Beginning April 1st:
 The Federal Govt will only let you buy up-to 3 months of Temporary ShortTerm coverage!

But, you can keep an 11-month policy until it expires!



If something pre-existing arises (happens to you) in January:
- You still have until Jan 31st (after midnight) to buy an ACA policy (that automatically covers pre-existing conditions)....and would be effective on March 1st

ACA Open Enrollment will end at midnight Pacific Standard Time...on Jan 31st.
That's 2am Central Standard Time....on Feb 1st.

Enroll by Jan 31st....and your ACA coverage is effective on March 1st.

Your 2-month (prepaid) policy (from another insurance company***) would cover you for Jan & Feb.....for your newly-diagnosed condition.

An ACA policy would begin covering your condition March 1st.

Think this through carefully!

Temporary policies will NEVER cover things that EXIST ON your Policy Effective Date!

You do have a 10-day "free-look" period with HCC.
Coverage can be cancelled (and premiums refunded) within 10 days of receipt of your policy.
HCC policies are delivered to you electronically...
...the moment that you "submit" your application (with payment).

If you decide (on Jan 31st) that you do have something that needs to be covered:
- Buy an ACA policy on Jan be effective March 1st.
- Cancel your 11-month Temp policy
....This is why you should buy your 11-month Temp policy in late January.
.......So that you are still in your 10-day Free-Look period.

Best dates to buy the 11-month policy will be Jan 24th to Jan 27th.

- Then, your 10-day "free-look" period ends after Feb 1st
- A purchase date that's more-than 3 days before your Effective Date means that the 72-hour waiting period for illnesses won't apply to you.
.....This 72-hour waiting period may not be important for you at all.
........If it's not, you can buy your 11-month policy from HCC on Jan 31st...
..........& ask for an immediate effective date of Feb 1st.

I want you to save premium dollars.
But, more importantly, I want you to be protected!
This could save you millions.

*** The 2-month (prepaid) policy from another company:

I'll provide you with a separate quote for this policy.
It will be cheap coverage.
We're only using this coverage to bridge-the-gap!

It will probably be $1 million in coverage (for Jan-Feb 2017).
That will bring the monthly cost down to a figure that's very-comparable to your monthly premiums for the HCC policy.

You don't need more than $1 million coverage (per person) for 2 months time.

I'll probably select UHC (United Healthcare) for your 2-month coverage.
But, that will depend upon:
- Your county
- Your age(s)
- Other profile information

UHC is rated A (Excellent) with A.M. Best (for financial strength).

UHC will even give you a refund if we ask them to cancel your 2-month policy effective Feb 1st!

Their policies aren't the best choice for 11 months of coverage.
But, for something to bridge-the-gap...for 2 months, they work perfectly.


I have personally owned Temporary ShortTerm coverage for myself & my own children in the past.
I always bought from a strong insurance company.
We were in excellent health.
And, I understood that I was paying for their well-child check-ups out of my own pocket.
It was a wise choice for me.

But, everyone has different situations to consider.
No one understands your situation better than you!

Please don't ask me to make this decision for you.
I've given you the facts above.
And, I'll be happy to review everything with you & answer all of your questions.

I'm 65 now & on MediCare.
So, this is not something I'm doing 2016.
But, I have done it....many times....when I was a young, struggling single Mom.......and I was very comfortable with my decision to own Temporary ShortTerm coverage.

If this huge ACA mess causes/helps our un-stable financial markets to implode, we're all in the same sinking ship matter which coverage we own!

We'll all need to re-think everything (about our lives).


I'm happy to help.....all that I can!

Just call (or email) if you have questions!
We're here 7 days/week......16 hours/day.....till January.

Later in the week is BEST:  Thursday-Sunday
Later in the day is BEST:  3pm till 10pm

More info at: 
888-777-0474 - Toll Free Line
713-932-9072 - Houston Line (if it's not long distance for you)

Jan 20, 2017:
Executive Order signed by President Trump is here: